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An efficient mobile solution for your loyalty program

The CardParking app is a modern and safe way of identifying a customer, a direct communication channel, an easy method of cross-marketing, a storage for digital coupons and a powerful analytical tool.

Capabilities of the CardParking system

  • a mobile solution for your loyalty program;
  • secure client identification;
  • an easy way of informing clients about new offers and points of sale;
  • a two-way communication channel between the seller and the buyer;
  • digital coupons designed to a single standard;
  • cross-marketing with other CardParking partners;
  • offers based on geolocation;
  • statistics and analytics;
  • integration with payment systems.

Results achieved with CardParking

  • instant joining of new clients coming from the most active and solvent audience;
  • re-activation of existing clients;
  • larger average check;
  • management of product liquidity;
  • efficient announcement of new products;
  • widening of the client base thanks to CardParking clients;
  • gradual shift away from plastic cards and a solution of the problem with their reissue;
  • analysis and statistics by groups of customers;
  • targeted marketing.

Five quick steps to integrate the CardParking system

  1. Fill out an application form
  2. Sign an agreement with CardParking
  3. Integrate the POS system and your platform with CardParking
  4. Have our specialists train your staff to use CardParking
  5. Advertise CardParking to your clients using branded CardParking materials

CardParking in other countries

CardParking is already working in Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Poland.

It will soon be available in Belarus, Ukraine, Great Britain, the Middle East and North Africa!

If you want to become a CardParking representative in your country, please contact us.

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