How do I add my cards to CardParking?
To add your cards, go to the “Add a card” section. Select a company whose card you are going to add. Scan the barcode on the map or enter the card number manually. Once done, you will be able to use the card in the “My Cards” section.
What is a VIP partner card?
A VIP partner card provides access to the history of purchases and is accepted at all stores, guaranteed.
How to get discounts and bonuses during online shopping?
The app has a special code under the QR code that is used for online purchases. Enter it into the order form while placing your order.
Do I need to show the CardParking app at a store if the seller is giving me a discount anyway?
Always show the CardParking app at our partners’ stores! The more you buy with the CardParking app, the higher is your chance to get prizes in our contests and lotteries. Besides, you will see the history of your purchases and always know how much you’ve saved.
Can I get bonus and discount cards directly in the app?
Yes, you can. To do this, go to the “Add a card” section. Click the “Receive” tab and select a company whose card you would like to get.
Do cards “parked” in CardParking have an expiry date?
The expiry date depends on the conditions and restrictions of corresponding networks, CardParking has no effect on this.
Does the CardParking app work offline?
No Internet connection is required for making purchases, but codes have a limited lifetime that is shown at the bottom of the main page. If your smartphone is usually connected to the Internet, the codes will be updated automatically, otherwise you will need to update them manually.
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